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Site Description


Our new site is made up of several sections. Here is a brief description of what is contained in each section.


Calendar:  Here you can find the Birthdays and Anniversaries of our family and friends and if we are at home in Coarsegold, San Jose or on the road.


Friends:  On each Friends page is a collage of photos from RV outings, New Years and Birthday parties, etc.  It also has a link to a collection of photos for that family.  


A few years back, I made photo t-shirts (with photo collages of each family) for our friends.  I put a slogan on the shirts that I felt would express how fortunate I believe we are to have them as our friends.  The slogan read: True Wealth Is Measured In Friendship.  


About Us: This section covers Jan and myself, her family (Pickert/Midderigh) and the Staples families.  It also includes our daughter Tracy, her husband Sam and their three children; Michael, Courtney and Chad.  Some of the photos go back over hundred years.


Our Lifestyle: A definition of what I think best describes full time RV’ing.  It also illustrates our Full Time RV Lifestyle with photos showing our home RV Park and our site where we keep one of our RV’s.


Contact Information: Here is information about contacting me and an area where you can let me know what you think of our site and if you run across any problems or corrections that are needed.


Mert Staples


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