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Welcome to the  Staples and 1namebadge Web Sites

I designed the Staples and 1namebadges websites myself. Hope you enjoy.


They’re several sections to our new web site. Here is a brief description of what is contained in each section.

Staples Family a brief background about Jan and I and our families.

1.   A section about Our Daughter Tracy
2.   A section about Tracy and her husband Sam
3.   A section about Tracy’s family
4.   A section about Tracy and Sam wedding!!!
5.   A section about Sam’s family
6.   A section about Tracy’s family pets
7.   A section about my sister and her family
8.   California Friends:
On each Friends page is a collage of photos from RV
      outings, New Years and Birthday parties, etc.
9.   Minnesota Friends:
10. Birthdays and Anniversaries: Here you can find the Birthdays and Anniversaries
       of our family and Friends

Mert Staples : Photos of me at different ages.

1.  Mert and Jan’s life style: A definition of what I think best describes what the full      time RV’ing is all about.  It also has photos showing our RV home and RV site
2.  Staples family heritage photos: The group photo was taken around 1898
3.  Park of the Sierras RV park where we live.
4.  Staples Genealogy: I used 23Xme to establish my family genealogy background.
     I was totally surprised with their results.  I spent months using MyHeritage to      research the Staples family heritage and was able to link over 200+ Staples going
     back to 1625 in England.  BUT 23Xme had my heritage as more French and
     German than English. ???  See there results in the section.
5.  Mert Photo album:  The Album was made by Jan when she was doing her
     photo album hobby work. She went through all our family photos and made the
     beautiful album pages.
6.  Merts Toys: A brief collections of photos to share some of  my interests

JAN STAPLES:  Photos of me at different ages.
1.  Jan’s family photos
2.  Jan’s Photo Album: The album pages in this section are a part of her
     photo album hobby work. She went through all our family photos and made the
     beautiful album pages.

Please contact me at  www.mert@mertstaples.com with comments or to report a
problems or corrections that are needed.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy our web site.

Mert Staples

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Do to the Pandemic and decline of business, I had to close down the 1namebadge web site and incorporate it with my own web domain. Please use the link below for information on ordering a name badge(s).  When you run you mouse/pointer over the 1Namebadge web site button, a sample of what a name badge may look like.